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Equinoxe is the main LGBTI+ centre in Nancy and an important centre in the Grand Est region of France. With more than 200 members, Equinoxe works alongside two other associations, Spoutnik Nancy (student association) and l’Association Nationale Transgenre (National Transgender Association). Equinoxe is a member of the LGBTI+ Fédération. It is independent from all political parties and unions.

Its global goal is to fight against discriminations based on sex, gender identity and sexual orientation. Equinoxe organizes Nancy’s Pride March. It brings LGBTI+ people’s needs to the attention of the government, local authorities, and political representatives.


  • Fight against discrimination in healthcare access ;
  • Advocating against intersex genital mutilation, medical violence against lesbians, transidentity’s patholozigation and psychiatrization, discrimination for blood donation ;
  • Fight against HIV/Aids, give information and access to testing, protect the community against STIs, being favourable to new ways of promoting sexual health (PrEP, TASP, treatment post-exposition to HIV) ;
  • Sensitivity to mental health issues.

Partnerships with AIDES and the COREVIH (Regional Committee against HIV/AIDS).


  • Welcome LGBTI+ asylum seekers and/or LGBTI+ people applying for residence.
  • Support them as much as possible during their administrative procedures with the OFPRA and the CNDA.
  • Contribute to their social integration in a safe, caring environment.
  • Advocate to promote LGBTI+ people’s right to asylum and residence in Europe. 

Partnerships with Amnesty International and the League for Human Rights.

Asylum permanence on Thursdays from 3pm to 6pm. See the agenda.


  • School intervention in middle schools and high schools ;
  • School intervention to prevent the use of LGBTIphobic slurs ;
  • School intervention about discrimination, and to learn proper citizenship ;
  • School intervention about consent and the freedom to control one’s own body ;
  • School intervention against STIs and HIV ;
  • School staff training.

Partnership with the Ministry of Education. 


  • Fight against LGBTIphobia/discriminations against LGBTI+ people ;
  • Accompanying victims to the police station ;
  • Facilitate access to justice ;
  • Connections with defence lawyers ;
  • Communication regarding LGBTIphobic acts.


  • Film-debate club  ;
  • Supporting LGBTI+ culture ;
  • Presence of an LGBTI+/feminist library inside the centre. 

Duty of Remembrance

  • Participation to Memorial Ceremonies for deportees during World War II.
  • Remembrance of Jean-Pierre Humblot, murdered in Nancy on August 1, 2003
  • Remembrance of FannyAnn Eddy, murdered in Freetown, Sierra Leone, on September 29, 2004